We provide wildlife with the medical care needed to grow stronger.


Once healthy enough, we return wildlife to their natural environment.


We strive to educate the public about Tennessee wildlife and habitat.

We help wildlife.

Our goal is to prevent suffering and provide the care needed to return songbirds, raptors, mammals and other native animals back into the wild. When someone contacts us about an animal possibly in need, we help them evaluate the situation to determine if the animal needs to be rescued, moved to a safer location, or left alone. Texting photos of the animal is a great tool for communication.

Upon arrival, the rescuer fills out an intake form and the animal is evaluated by a licensed rehabber or a trained apprentice. Our wildlife patients receive medical treatment if needed, a specific diet for their individual needs, and are housed in a safe environment during their rehab stay. Our baby patients also have specific needs that we cater to as they grow. We increase their living space and offer enrichment to stimulate their instinctual behavior. Once healthy, independent and equipped with survival instincts, we release them in their original natal area or habitat that best suits their needs.

We currently care for wildlife at our homes in converted garages and backyard aviaries. Some of our patients are delivered by their rescuers, while others are taken to Chattanooga Zoo for us to pick-up. At Happinest, we receive new patients almost daily. Sometimes we have to assist in the rescue, and other times we pick up the patients from rescuers who are unable to deliver them. We also transport wildlife to other rehabilitation facilities or UT College of Veterinary Medicine.

We strive to promote wildlife and habitat awareness by sharing our knowledge with the general public. Our songbirds and raptors are banded by a local ornithologist and UTC biology professor, Dr. David Aborn. Banding these released birds helps to acquire necessary data for each species. We also utilize social media as a means to keep our followers informed on our day-to-day experiences with rehab, and we often invite local communities to attend releases.

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