And we are dedicated to the rehabilitation of Tennessee's sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Meet our founders.

Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue, Inc. was founded in 2015 by Alix Parks and Sherry Teas, both licensed through TWRA and US Fish & Wildlife to rehabilitate raptors, migratory songbirds and small mammals.

Alix Parks

Licensed since 2010

Sherry Teas

Licensed since 2014

Our Mission Statement

Happinest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue is dedicated to the rehabilitation of Tennessee’s sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife; with the goal of preventing suffering and successfully returning them to the wild as quickly as possible. We also strive to inform the public about native wildlife and their habitats through education and promoting awareness.


We want to open a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue facility where we can care for all our patients in a single location with shared supplies. We want enough space to house both quarantined animals and non-releasable animals able to serve in educating the general public about Tennessee's wildlife.

Happinest is proud to host some amazing rehabilitation apprentices and blessed to thank countless contributors. We are a small group of volunteers working together on a shared mission.

Our Community

We enjoy working with local businesses and organizations.

Schillhahn-Huskey Foundation

So many have helped make our work possible.

Thank you!

We're growing!

Licensed Rehabbers

Alix Parks
State and Federally licensed for Class II Wildlife and Raptor Specialist

Sherry Teas
State and Federally licensed for Class II Wildlife and Migratory Songbird Specialist

Kate Harrell
State licensed for Class II Wildlife
Specializing in squirrel, chipmunk and possum


Zeno Beaty
Any wildlife emergency

Misty Cheek
Any wildlife emergency

Angela Vaill
Specializing in possum