A walk in the woods

Alix Clair Parks got her start in wildlife rescue a number of years ago when, while on a woods walk, a Red-Tailed Hawk literally dropped a songbird on her head.

With the help of her mother, Ann Parks, and life partner and arborist, Wayne Robertson, she realized and began developing her life-long interest in birds of prey. Alix educated herself by attending classes and symposia focused on wildlife rehabilitation. She built the proper caging and enclosures and after working with mentors in the avian field, she applied for and obtained the permitting necessary to rehabilitate raptors.

Today, Alix is a state licensed and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitator. She cares for approximately 125 to 150 raptors each year, but her passion extends beyond birds of prey. She also enjoys rehabilitating corvids, water fowl, cranes and herons.